Neal Gruer

I am a photographer with a focus on people; using both analogue and digital cameras in search of philosophical intrigue and visual poetry.

Born in Scotland to a Ghanaian mother and an Aberdonian father, I am unarguably Ghanaberdonian. Like Madonna, my parents had an active 80s, fashioning not only me, but also two other Ghanaberdonians (both female). ​Into the Groove, indeed.

​We were raised in the aggressively inoffensive suburbs of Glasgow’s Southside, where I grew a bountiful afro in preparation for attending Edinburgh University. There, I began seven years of legal study, which took me to France and London in the process. After all that, I took a year-long break to travel around the world and take photographs. It was on these travels that my passion for photography firmly took hold. 

When I returned to the UK my hair was shorter. I qualified as a solicitor in London and went on to practice for two years. In search of more… Jazz, I left law in 2015 to pursue photography and writing. Soon afterwards, I reached the quarter-final of Sky Arts TV talent competition, Master of Photography. I have been glued to my camera’s viewfinder ever since.

I currently live between Bucharest, Romania; Glasgow and London. Besides taking pictures, I write and perform poetry (watch some here), occasionally at These Things of Ours. I am moved by soul and energised by hip hop. ​I wear hats. I eat a lot of cheese - typically soft, pungent and French.

If just one frame of my work makes you smile or frown, feel or think; that will be more than enough for me. Either way, holler at me some time. 

Image by Cristina Paşalău, 2018

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