Interviews with Neal Gruer

Red Bull România

A Ghanaian-Scottish photographer and writer takes the pulse of the street in Bucharest.

A bet with himself, to visit as many countries in Europe, brought Neal Gruer to Bucharest. Meanwhile, the city gave him more than he dreamed of: a girlfriend, the first book released and new projects.  

Written by Andreea Vasile
5 September 2019
(In Romanian)


Vice România

How does Romania look when you compare the PSD rally with the gay parade in Bucharest?

On June 9, the PSD wanted to show Romania that it still has people on its side. In this regard they organized a rally in Piata Victoriei. But on the same day was Bucharest Pride, the annual event dedicated to the LGBTQ community in Romania.

For Romanians, the two moments were understood. But how were they for a stranger? Neal Gruer, Scottish-Ghanaian photographer, who documented the two events and gathered them in a photo book he is launching in Bucharest, responds to this curiosity.

Written by Teodora Tudosie
16 December 2018
(In Romanian)


Likha Magazine (Canada)

Travel through Europe with the Photographer and Writer Neal Gruer.

Although I began taking a lot of pictures during and after a round the world trip in 2009-10, things got really serious in 2015, when I left my job as a lawyer. At that point, I had been either studying, training or working as a lawyer for 11 years; basically the entirety of my adult life. I decided, however, that I wanted a change – to do something that fulfilled my significant creative impulses.

Written by Thaïs Davezac
21 May 2018


Daily Record (Scotland)

Scottish photographer who gave up law for life behind a lens tries to win reality TV competition.

Taking photos was not a priority in his youth. Neal was too busy being school captain at Mearns Castle High School, playing the violin and cultivating the only afro on the south side of Glasgow in the 1990s.

Then, for his 18th birthday, his granny gave him an early digital camera.

Written by Anna Burnside
5 August 2016


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