Edinburgh Street Photography Workshops

20 - 30 August 2019

Workshop Bookings Now Closed

What We'll Do

I'll teach you how to take great street photos! From the technical and practical to the artistic and emotional, I've got you covered.

First, we'll meet at Edinburgh's premier specialty coffee shop, Cairngorm Coffee (Frederick Street branch) and over a delicious brew, spend an hour or so talking about some of the history and techniques of street photography (coffee included!).

Happily caffeinated and inspired to photograph, we'll head out and begin taking pictures in Edingurgh's vibrant city streets. We'll be photographing the Edinburgers that live here, the tourists that visit it, and the quirky details and historic architecture that make up this fascinating city.

Any camera is great - phone, digital, film, big, small - if it takes pictures, all good! I have extensive experience using all types of camera for shooting street. While you shoot, I'll be close at hand to answer any technical or artistic questions, and offer support and ideas for great image-making .

For an additional fee, I am also happy to review a selection of up to 10 of the photos you have taken and offer my in depth, constructive feedback.

About Me

I'm a Scottish-Ghanaian street photographer (+writer and former lawyer), who has spent much of the past two years photographing the streets of Europe's capital cities on 35mm film. A Quarter-Finalist on the Europe-wide photography TV show, Master of Photography, and published in Harper's Bazaar, Vice, SOGO, Kajet Journal and She is Fierce, I recently published my first street photography book, and am now working on my second.

Beyond that, I was a speaker and workshop host at this year's Stirling Photography Festival and was a finalist in the UK 2017 National Open Art Exhibition. I am an enthusiastic teacher, full of ideas and techniques that will enliven the way you see and help you to take better pictures of Edinburgh and beyond. I'm interested in who you are and how accentuating your personality will make your photographs unique. 

Where We'll Meet

Cairngorm Coffee has long been at the centre of Edinburgh's thriving specialty coffee scene. With its own expert roastery and highly-skilled baristas, the coffee there is second to none.

The centre of Edinburgh, wrapped around the castle, is a brilliant location for honing your street photography skills. With throngs of people, wide streets and intriguing architecture, there are plenty opportunities to make great images.

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