Bucharest Street Photography Workshops

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What We'll Do

I'll teach you how to take great street photos!

First, we'll meet at Bucharest's BRAND NEW speciality coffee shop (Das BOB - opened May 2019) and over a delicious brew, talk about some of the history and techniques of street photography (coffee included!). Happily caffeinated and inspired to photograph, we'll take a brief stroll to Piața Romană where you'll begin taking pictures. Any camera is great - phone, digital, film, big, small - if it takes pictures, all good! 

From there, we'll begin a photo walk around the amazing maze of central Bucharest's streets, photographing the patchwork of historic architecture, the Romanian people that live among them and the quirky details that make up this fascinating city. While you shoot, I'll be close at hand to answer any technical or artistic questions, offer support and ideas for image-making (as well as offer my recommendations for my favourite places to eat and drink during your stay :)).

Once you return home, if desired, I'll also be available to review a set of your photos and give you positive feedback on what you've done well, where you could improve and where your artistic vision is strongest. (Additional fee required)

About Me

I'm a Scottish-Ghanaian street photographer, based in Bucharest for the past two years. A Quarter-Finalist on the Europe-wide photography TV show, Master of Photography, and published in Harper's Bazaar, Vice, SOGO, and She is Fierce, I recently published my first street photography book about Bucharest, and am now working on my second. 

Beyond that, I've spent much of the past two years photographing the streets of Europe's capital cities on 35mm film. Also a finalist in the UK 2017 National Open Art Exhibition, I am an enthusiastic teacher, full of ideas and techniques that will enliven the way you see and help you to take better pictures of Bucharest and beyond. I'm interested in who you are and how accentuating your personality will make your photographs unique.

Where We'll Meet

Das BOB is the latest branch of Romania's best coffee shop, BOB COFFEE LAB, home to the:

World Coffee Roasting Champion 2016,
Romanian Brewing Champion 2019,
Romanian Barista Vice-Champion 2019,
Romanian Coffee in Good Spirits Champion 2019,
Romanian Ibrik Champion 2019,
World Coffee in Good Spirits bronze 2015, and
Romanian Aeropress Champion 2017!

One of the best coffee shops in Europe, it makes for a perfectly delicious place to begin our street photography adventure. 

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