Street Photography Workshops

Wherever you are based, contact me here to enquire about street photography workshops. With a focus on beginners to advanced intermediates, I have experience of teaching people as varied as individuals on holiday exploring a new city, to groups of up to 20 people. 

Whether it is a specific project to help people delve deeper into their own lives through photography, or simply to teach the technical skills needed when photographing, I am happy to tailor the workshop to your needs.

As well as presenting and answering questions, I can lead you or your group on a photowalk, remaining close at hand to answer any technical, artistic or philosophical questions. Any camera is great - phone, digital, film, big, small - if it takes pictures, all good! I have extensive experience with all types of cameras.

I am an enthusiastic teacher, full of ideas and methods to enliven the way you see and help you to take better pictures. I'm particularly interested in the person behind the camera, and how accentuating a photographer's personality can make their photographs special.

I am also happy to review photo selections on request and offer guidance remotely via video call or email.

Previous Feedback

Bucharest Street Photography Workshop, July 2019 (3h)

5/5: Neal Was Great! We took a small history of street photography! Then got to the streets to start practising. Neal Gave some great insights and we practised with many different mediums. I had tonnes of questions which he answered in depth, and we had a great conversation while walking

- A. Shah

Self Discovery through Street Photography Workshop at Stirling Photography Festival, August 2019 (3h)

5/5: I found the stories and personal experiences most useful. I find learning in this sort of environment can be quite hard to stay focused but the personal stories and experiences are really engaging and help me keep engaged.

- R. Fyfe

5/5: I thought Neal was an excellent presenter. Very calm, confident and knows his stuff. Was very tolerant of the questions the audience asked—even when those questions took a weird turn. The workshop left me feeling inspired for weeks afterwards. It really did.

- A. Baxter

5/5: The workshop was very well structured and engaging. I appreciated thatit was catered to all levels, making the overall workshop and environment veryinclusive and educational. I’ve had many conversations with the attendees of the workshop and theyall praised and thanked you for the workshop you put on for us.

- N. Schneider

Street Photography for a University Project in Glasgow, November 2019 (2.5h)

5/5: Neal was very well organised and had taken on board our previous comments and conversations re: the needs and requirements of our group. He successfully designed a workshop that was fitting for our group, allowing each member to get something out of it, feel successful in doing so, and to move forward toward independent work.

He was an excellent host: warm and friendly, always encouraging and supportive, and able to encourage our group members to think more deeply about their visual surroundings through relating it to their everyday lives and emotions. Feedback from the group was extremely positive. Our group learned a great deal about photography, their environment and themselves.

- M. Laidlaw

4/5: Neal was brilliant, really engaged with all participants and interested in what they had to say. Showing the old photos of Glasgow was a really good way to set the scene for the workshop and show how photos can convey feelings/act as social commentary. We [the organisers] were very impressed with your manner of engaging with the volunteers and getting them interested in the themes of the workshop. I hope we can work on another project soon!

- M. Nicolson

About Me

I'm a Scottish-Ghanaian, Bucharest-based field photographer (+writer and former lawyer), who has spent much of the past five years photographing the streets of Europe's capital cities on 35mm film. A Quarter-Finalist on the Europe-wide photography TV show, Master of Photography, and published in Harper's Bazaar, Vice, Red Bull, SOGO, Kajet JournalShe is Fierce and Delicate Rébellion, I have so far published two street photography books, and am looking forward to publishing my third. My work has been exhibited in London; first at the 2017 National Open Art competition, and more recently as part of Pleasure Scene at Trafalgar Avenue Gallery in Peckham.

Beyond that, I have been a speaker and workshop host at the Stirling Photography Festival, recently featured on the BBC Documentary Black & Scottish, and have made appearances on BBC Radio 5, and on The Growing Up Brit-ish and Afro Leads Podcasts.

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